Handcrafted Luxe Bar Soaps

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Cleansing your body is one of the ways we restore, honor ourselves, and show love to our skin after being exposed to the wears and air of the day. Why not use some soaps in this process you will love?

- Tumeric Goatmilk :
Goatmilk glycerinesoap with tumeric powder, orange essential, Neroli oil, Vetiver oil

Tumeric is a superfood herb that helps with skin clearing, redycing inflammation and brightening hyperpigmentation.
Orange helps with antioxidants, improves look of skin and elasticity, rejuvenates skin to slows down aging, encourages cell turnover, reduces inflammation
Vetiver - stress reduction, increase alertness, anxiety decreasing. Aids in skin cell rejuvenation for radiant looking skin
Neroli- calming mood, microbial, diminish scars, cell rejuvenation

- Oats n Amber :
Oatmeal glycerine soap, rice bran oil, moringa oil, lavender, Amber Vanilla Musk scented honey fragrance
(Great for sensitive itchy dry skin)

- Hemp soap scents (coming soon in their own collections):
Rose Gold Aura
Midnight Waters