Scalp Scrubba Massage Brush


Natureal Essentials introduces our Scalp Scrubba - which can be used during your hair wash routine to clean your scalp deeper to clarify your hair and remove build up. This is also used to massage scalp and encourage blood flow to areas of scalp with massage stimulation. This is an item you need to add to your hair regimen like now fam, and did i mention this is for EVERYONE? Yes. It is.

At times, build up from sweat, dead skin and products accumulate in your scalp and it's a struggle to get it all clean. That can lead to scalp conditions, discomfort, itching, bruising, flaking, etc. Our Scalp Scrubba is here to aid in cleansing and also to give your scalp an exfoliating massage also.

Using the NE Scalp Scrubba massages your scalp, encouraging scalp stimulation and increased blood flow; which also can aide in more hair growth. So whats the plan? Get you 1 or 2.

Directions: Use fingers to hold and palm the handle and scrub scalp. Avoid circular motions to avoid tangles. Use front and back motions or side to side motions to use Scrubba. Rinse item after. Fast to dry.
(Logo Engraved onto handle)